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Press Stories on the menstrual reduction topic:

Washington Post

FDA Delays Approving 365-Day-A-Year Pill

Health officials have delayed approving a new birth-control pill that can stop many women from menstruating when taken without interruption throughout the year, its manufacturer said Wednesday.

The Associated Press
June 28, 2006

National Public Radio - Morning Edition

'Continuous Contraception' May Banish Periods

For women who use birth control, there's growing popularity for what's called "continuous contraception," a practice that suppresses the menstrual cycle so it happens only once in three months, four months, or even a year or more.

By Patricia Neighmond
June 9, 2006

Chicago Sun-Times

Lifting the curse

Every month like clockwork, Sarah Hull knew she'd miss days of school and work thanks to a most unwelcome visitor -- her menstrual period.

By Maureen Jenkins
June 9, 2006

Washington Post

Period: Full Stop?

For Many Women, a 'Normal' Menstrual Cycle Is Now One They Can Control -- or Suppress

By January W. Payne
June 6, 2006

Seattle Times - The Associated Press

Menstruation becomes optional with new drugs that block periods

For young women with a world of choices, even the menstrual period is optional.

By Linda A. Johnson
May 22, 2006

Off the rag

A new FDA-approved birth control pill will give women just
four periods per year. But is it safe to stanch the flow?

By Jennifer Fried
Nov. 24, 2003

New York Times - Health (free registration required)

New Pill Fuels Debate Over Benefits of Fewer Periods

"Dr. Leslie Miller, an associate professor at the University of
Washington, is studying the use of low-dose birth control pills
with a goal of avoiding menstruation altogether."

By Tina Kelley
October 14th, 2003

ABC News 20/20

Move Over, Mother Nature

New Pill Curbs Periods to Four Times a Year.

Guests included Dr. Leslie Miller.

September 19th, 2003

The Stranger (Seattle weekly newspaper)

No Flow

The FDA just approved a new birth control pill that will allow women to have periods only four times a year--just as nature intended.

By Audrey Van Buskirk
September 24th, 2003

PBS - American Experience

The Pill

A documentary recounting the development of the birth control pill. The web site has a wealth of information concerning the birth control pill and contraception.

Produced and directed by Chana Gazit

KIRO Eyewitness News

New Answers About The Pill And Periods

It's something many women have tried: taking birth control pills continuously to suppress monthly cycles. Now new research provides some answers about the practice.

By Micki Flowers
Wed, April 2nd, 2003

King 5 TV News (registration required)

Study: No harm in skipping periods

Women have been doing it for years – skipping their periods by not taking the placebo pills in their birth control packs. But is it safe to do that indefinitely? A yearlong study from Harborview suggests yes.

By Jean Enersen
Wed, April 2nd, 2003

KOMO 4 TV News

'We Are Playing With Nature A Little Bit'

A Harborview study shows it might be OK for women to stay on birth control pills for the entire month and just skip their period.

By Leslie Knopp
Wed, April 2nd, 2003

The Seattle Times

Study: The pill can avoid periods without 'spotting'

Savvy women for years have used the birth-control pill to manipulate the timing of their periods, even to skip menstruation altogether. But some skeptical doctors have warned this method could cause surprise breakthrough bleeding

By Julia Sommerfeld
Thursday, April 3, 2003

Seattle Post-Inteligencer

The pill indeed can stop periods

Periods may be many things for many women, but for some, they are a hassle. Now research published this month in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology confirms what many women have privately known for years -- continuous use of birth control pills can eliminate periods altogether

By Carol Smith
Thursday, April 3, 2003


Farewell to ‘Aunt Flo’

A new version of the birth-control pill would limit menstruation to four times a year. Are women ready?

By Claudia Kalb
February 3rd, 2003

Wall Stree Journal (subscription required)

Doctors Prescribe New Methods To Eliminate Women's Periods

A woman's period is now optional. A growing number of gynecologists are prescribing continuous birth-control pills or using other methods to suppress patients' menstrual cycles for months, even years at a time.

By Tara Parker-Pope
Tuesday, June 25th - Page D1

Health Scout

Teaching an Old Pill New Tricks

Extended-use birth control pills reduce some side effects

By Colette Bouchez
MONDAY, Nov. 19 2001 (HealthScoutNews)

ABC News - Health

Fewer Periods - Experts Challenge Idea That Women on the Pill Should Menstruate

Skipping a menstrual period is unusual for many women. But experts say women taking birth control pills may not need a monthly period.

By Melinda T. Willis
Oct. 31, 2001

Kaisernetwork - Health Policy as it Happens

Friday, November 02, 2001

Extended-Cycle Birth Control Pill Use Reduces Number of 'Bleeding Days' Without Breakthrough Bleeding, Study Shows

The New Yorker - Malcom Gladwell


John Rock's Error.The co-inventor of the Pill confesses the period on the birth control pill was not necessary to prevent pregnancy.

WebMD - Health

Are Monthly Periods Obsolete?
By Susan Chollar
June 18, 2001

ViaHealth - Woman's Health Update

Many Woman Taking Low-Dose Oral Contraceptives Choosing to Eliminate Monthly Periods
By Gerald H. Druff
September 2000

Humana - WebMD

Ending Painful Periods
By Tracy Glover
June 23, 2000

Lifetime Online - Strong Medicine, Ask the Expert

What happens when you take your birth control pills so as to not have your period? ...

Daily Herald - Health and Fitness (broken link!)

No more period. Period
By Lorilyn Rackl Daily Herald Health Writer
December 11, 2000

Washington Post Archives (pay per view archive)

Libby Copeland WASHINGTON POST STAFF WRITER Thursday, September 7, 2000 ; Page C01 Section: Style Word Count: 814

"It seems like a colossal trick the gynecologists have played on us. For all those years, we numbed the ache, we nursed the curse. We endured, ahem, "Aunt Peggy's monthly visit."

Medical articles on menstrual suppression:

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Menstrual Reduction With Extended Use of Combination Oral Contraceptive Pills: Randomized Controlled Trial

Extension of a monophasic oral contraceptive regimen from 28-day to 49-day cycles significantly decreases bleeding and hygiene product use without increased spotting.

Leslie Miller, Katherine M. Notter

Volume 98 / Number 5, Part 1 / November 2001 / Article 771

The Lancet (pay per view archive)

Nuisance or natural and healthy: should monthly menstruation be optional for women?

Sarah L Thomas, Charlotte Ellertson
Volume 355 Issue 9207 Page 922

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